His back is terribly sensational.

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Fargo episode 1x03 “A Muddy Road”

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Martin Freeman will be the guest of 

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Friday, 25. April 2014, 22.00 UK time

on Channel 4

Hamish! John Hamish Watson, just if you’re looking for baby names.

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For a second I thought “Dean Winchester”

Now I’m thinking “Captain John Hamish Watson of the Fifth Northumberland Fussilers” because hot fucking damn

honestly i was going hey look it’s Captian Amer- hOLY FUCKING DAMN MARTIN FREEMAN

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Fargo: Behind the Scenes on ITunes (U.S). Store

I thought I’d let everyone know that a behind-the-scenes video is available on iTunes (search for ‘Fargo’ and scroll down to “TV Episodes”).

It’s free.

More Fargo interviews

BBC Interview Roundup-April 16-17


New video: Martin Freeman about Fargo, his character Lester Nygaard and the fabulous script. (X)

Don’t forget to watch #FARGO on Channel 4 on Sunday, 10 p.m.

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